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About the Project

The Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN), the United States of America and the Bailiwick of Jersey (collectively referred to as the “Parties”) signed an Asset Agreement on February 3, 2020 to enable transparent and efficient repatriation of assets for the benefit of the people of Nigeria. The Parties agreed that the forfeited assets shall be used exclusively for the purpose of financing the projects set out in Article 6 of the Asset Agreement and further described in Schedule 1 (the Projects), the payment of fees of the Monitoring Civil Society Organization (CSOs) and the independent designated auditor. The Projects are defined as: (a) the Lagos to Ibadan Expressway; (b) the Abuja to Kano Road; and (c) the Second Niger Bridge. The implementing agency for the Asset Agreement for the FRN is the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA).

Pursuant to the Asset Agreement, the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Ministry of Justice awarded CLEEN Foundation a contract to monitor, on behalf of the Nigerian citizens, the application of recovered funds (aka the “Abacha Loot”) to key sections of three civil construction projects: the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, the Second Niger Bridge and the Abuja-Kano Road (the Projects) with the NSIA as the funding agency. The two Contractors responsible for the Projects are Reynolds Construction Company Ltd (“RCC”) and Julius Berger Nigeria Ltd (“JBL”), collectively referred to as (the “EPC Contractors”).


The rehabilitation of the Lagos to Ibadan Expressway was awarded to two EPC Contractors, Reynolds Construction Company Ltd. (RCC, and Julius Berger Ltd.


The construction of the Second Niger Bridge was awarded to JBL for a total sum of x naira in late 2018. Approximately x naira from the recovered funds will be disbursed to JBL for the Second Niger Bridge project.


The Scope of Work for this road covers three sections. Section One - Abuja to Kaduna, Section Two - Kaduna to Zaria, and Section Three - Zaria to Kano.
CLEEN Foundation

Scheduled visits to the site locations

Citizen-centered collaboration

CLEEN Foundation would deploy its Mobile App towards receiving real-time information electronically from citizen stationary monitors deployed at each construction site, to monitor and share crucial findings at the project locations which will be analyzed & escalated to the relevant authorities. The app mainly contains a standardized checklist on specific questions to measure the level of daily work performance at the respective project site locations

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